Police Digital Services is part of Avon and Somerset Police. Our job is the digital transformation of Avon and Somerset Police services, supporting Operational Policing.

We have won five highly coveted global awards for our work over the last 18 months.

For techies

We are a Modern Agile team.  Don’t be fooled by any “public sector” misconceptions you may have. We regularly get feedback we’re more advanced than many in the private sector.  Here’s why:

  • We operate with the speed and agility of a digital agency
  • We embrace the latest technologies and tools to deliver our best
  • We use cutting edge coding tools and deployment methods (including but not limited to Git, Docker, Continuous Integration and Deployment, and TDD)
  • Using the latest languages and frameworks (including React, Node.js, and .NET Core)
  • We have “10% time” for developers to continue to learn and develop their skills
  • We are developing cloud-first, utilising the power of services such as AWS
  • We run mob programming and peer reviews – we firmly believe the more minds work together the better the product
  • We work in a great location with collaborative break-out spaces, a large screen for development and each developer is issued with dual screen monitors and top spec devices
  • We believe in self-managing teams and our Product Owners support that mantra fully.  If you think you want to try a new way of working or a different technology and the team agree, then go for it.

For non-techies

We are here to deliver content and services based on user needs. We use the agile mindset to build what users want fast and with less risk.

We run the Avon and Somerset Constabulary website as the best place to find local police services and information. Our website is always being improved in response to user research and user feedback.

Our work is not just about the public website. Among many other things, we also:

  • invented and built TrackMyCrime
  • build campaign microsites
  • build specialist software for our force staff
  • support departments in mapping and optimising user journeys
  • act as a “centre for digital excellence

We use this blog to think out loud, share what we’re doing and network with other police forces. We discuss the challenges we face as a public service and try to find ways to serve our customers better assisted by technology.

If you have comments or questions, please get in touch.