Content Design Principles

We follow the below principles to ensure our services are designed with our users in mind:

1. Focus On User Goals

We focus on user objectives and getting users to their end goal. We do not publish over complicated or vanity content that could prevent users reaching their end goal.

2. Focus On What We Are Good At

We do not try to explain processes we do not deal with/are not the experts on. We will point users to the correct location in order for them to reach their end goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. Design With Evidence

We let evidence drive decision making, not hunches or guesswork. We review on an ongoing basis updating and culling where appropriate to ensure content is kept relevant and effective.

4. Design With Purpose

Additional content design and use of media should only be used to help the user to meet their goal. If it does not add meaning, it should not be used.

5. Build Effective Digital Services

Our job is to uncover user needs and build a service that meets those needs. This will allow users to transact online where possible, shifting and reducing demand on police resources whilst supporting force objectives.

6. Build For Screens

We consider how users are viewing our sites and on what device. Our services should be available on all screen sizes and modern devices, without the user needing to download additional software or applications.

7. Be Consistent

We should use the same language and same design patterns wherever possible. This helps people get familiar with our services.

8. Lead, Don’t Follow

The fact someone else does something does not prove it is the right thing to do. We will always look for evidence in order to make the right decisions and continue to push the bar for digital excellence.

9. Accessibility

Everything we build should be as inclusive, legible and as readable as possible for all users, including through assistive technologies. The people who most need our services are often the people who find them hardest to use.

10. Success Is Based On Value, Not Volume

We measure value based on user feedback and behaviour that proves they have achieved their goals. Page views do not prove or demonstrate value.

Inspiration taken from the GDS, but tailored for our needs.