2015 – a year in serving user goals

Our site is just about to reach its second birthday. Like last year we review the progress we have made in our goal to deliver the best police digital service around whilst sharing our learning nationally and internationally.


In its first year we reported that we had over 1.5 million users. This year we are up to just over 2 million which is a 30% increase.  We continue to see around a 50/50 split between returning visitors and new visitors month after month.

Visitors information for 2015

Demand content

We continue to see “services and demand content” increase proportionally over news related content (55.43% services and demand – 44.57% news). The latter largely comes via social media referrals.  Our services and demand traffic comes mainly via Google search with a smaller proportion through directly browsing our site.

The content managers have undertaken a full review of all our content pages and brought them all in line with our new in house style for layout and user focus. This brings familiarity to users and ensures the pages continue to meet user need. When considering existing content on the website, or new requests they will fall into one of three categories:

  1. Something we are responsible for: A service we provide
  2. Something we don’t provide but enforce, e.g. licensed premises, vehicle stops for licence, MOT and insurance check.
  3. Third party info the public may assume is police business, e.g. noise, abandoned dogs, child custody disputes

The reviewed content is being rolled out iteratively at the moment.


Last year we reported our satisfaction level was at 94% (of people finding what they want).  We haven’t run the same survey again this year, however we have introduced a constant in line satisfaction survey for all our demand pages.  This allows users to quickly tell us if the page was useful and if it wasn’t, why it wasn’t.  This has only been running for a few months and is not a like for like comparison with the previous survey, however this is showing as above the 70% mark which is our goal and an industry benchmark.  The key benefit being we are able to get better feedback on content and take action where necessary to make evidence based improvements.

Service popularity

On-line Crime Reports

We have seen a month on month increase in the volume of our on-line crime reports, and an overall increase of 127% compared to 2014. We obviously wish no-one needed to report a crime to us at all, but we are pleased that those that do are reporting a positive experience when doing so on-line.  We believe that around 20% of all crime reported to us is now done on-line via our website.

Launch of our new Community Alerts Solution

In the last year we launched our new Community Alerts Solution.  Our vision was to create a single point of usage for web, emails, SMS (text) and voice communications. These are now integrated for staff and the public and we have switched off two old legacy systems.  Officers and the public can access the service from mobiles as well as desktop machines.

In the first few months since launch, we have sent 69,231 text messages and used 10,106 minutes of message call time.

Community alerts interface
Officer Community Alerts interface screenshots

Cycling near miss reporting form

This form is designed to gather data which we can use with our partner agencies in order to improve cycling safety within the force area. Cyclists and non-cyclists can use the near miss reporting form to report something that could have been a serious incident, but was avoided. We launched the information page and form in April 2015 and the page has had a few hundred submissions. We are now working on  potential partnerships to help us share the mapped data publicly. Our officers have already identified locations and targeted all road users with educational messages. We are also discussing with our partners in the council more permanent solutions if required- such as changes to road signage or traffic flow. This has produced lots of valuable data for our officers to use.


The team are really proud of the achievements this year and continue to work to deliver a first class service for the public.  We have just relaunched this blog and our twitter account so follow us to keep up with the latest learning and articles we have found of interest.

We have produced a Web Statistics Infographic for 2015 in PDF format.