New website launched for the OPCC

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Avon and Somerset has launched a new website, in collaboration with the Police Digital Services (PDS) Team at Avon and Somerset Police. 

The Power of Giving Users a Sense of Ownership

There is little that makes someone feel more valued than feeling that their opinion matters. It’s a good feeling and we have seen how that positivity and a resulting sense of ownership can help spread awareness during the rollout of a new enterprise wide intranet platform.

2016 – Our year review

2016 means our website has hit its third birthday in January 2017. During 2016 the development team were busy improving some police facing systems, including building our new intranet, but they also spent a good amount of time on the website improving the platform by refining existing functionality (known as refactoring), improving performance and adding new functionality.  The […]

Claiming our stations on Google Maps

As part of our new intranet project, we identified that many of our stations on Google Maps featured out of date and incorrect information. We decided to claim our police station listings on Google Maps to provide a better user experience and ensure our officers and staff had accurate information.

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