During May we focused our attention on updating one of our most popular forms, created a new graffiti form and helped improved our staff intranet…

During May we released and updated the following public facing forms:

Report a crime – updated form

Screenshot of the 'report a crime' form on an iPhone device

We have just launched our newly updated main crime reporting form

This is one of our most used forms and has been updated to offer an even better public experience as well as provide key integration into Niche for our front office teams who take the reports. 

30 forms were submitted on the first day the form was live with one citizen commenting that the form is “very user-friendly“.

Report illegal graffiti – new form

Working with one of our officers we have developed and released an illegal graffiti reporting form that allows the public to upload photographs of the graffiti. 

This will be used to gather intelligence on graffiti “tags” to help catch offenders and record damage to property caused by graffiti.

Citizen feedback has been positive so far, with one member of the public commenting that they “…would use it again, Thank you for producing this reporting system – much appreciated“.

Continuously improving our staff intranet

We are always looking at ways to improve usage and awareness of our staff Intranet, Pocketbook.

As part of our continuous improvement work for this platform, we run ‘Top Task’ workshops with teams across the force.

The purpose of these workshops is to identify the types of enquiries teams receive, and how Pocketbook can be used to help staff find the information they need quickly and easily.

The format for these workshops includes:

  • Getting the right people in the room – usually a representative from each area of the team to ensure all types of enquiries are covered
  • Asking staff to capture their top ten enquiries (based on volume) on post-it notes
  • Discussing the task/s that relate to each of these enquiries and how the team deal with them
  • Exploring how Pocketbook can be used to support these enquiries

The output from these workshops is usually a spreadsheet of opportunities that are explored and actioned based on the demand they generate.

This work helps reduce repeat internal demand, freeing up our colleagues up to deal with bespoke enquiries but also nurtures the behaviour of using the intranet as the first port of call for queries.

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