Mobile phones and publishing rights for our officers

So we’re currently deep into the phase of development which centres on officers publishing local content themselves.

Historically we have managed publishing content on the website centrally. A request for content would involve filling in a form on the staff intranet, for the publishing team to process.

This was slow and often put people off.

Officer Publishing

Our new approach enables officers to write local news and publish them on the site, using their force issue mobile phones.

This will mean officers can put their updates on straight away which includes local news, local policing priorities and local events.

The Interface

We are building a dedicated interface as an extension to the public website. Officers will be able to log into the front end of the website and access the tools they need all in one place.

We are currently running with an initial pilot of around 100 officers adding their own news and over the coming weeks other features will be rolling out.