Our new intranet has just picked up its second award, this time claiming top-prize.

After winning silver in the global Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace awards a few months ago, this second award reinforces our view that successful intranets carefully balance user task-based needs “pull”, with organisational “push” content.  They also need to focus on outcomes and value delivery.  We are pleased the judges have recognised this.

By focusing on user needs it has had a positive impact on improving internal processes and supporting officers on the front line.

Feedback from the judges below:

“Avon and Somerset have set a standard which is likely to result in a range of international awards due to their innovative adoption of intranet technology.

Remote workers are often perceived as challenging when it comes to engagement yet the team’s approach to understanding the challenges front-line officers face, the process improvement opportunities to call operators and most broadly providing solutions so intuitive, it is difficult to rebuff this new technology.

For these reasons and many more, Avon and Somerset Police have been recognised as the winner of Interact’s blue riband event, the 2017 Essential Intranet Award.”

We have had visits recently from other forces who are keen to understand how they can replicate the success of an intranet that meets the needs of the organisation, officers and staff.

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